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Herbs instead of medication
Which?  How?  How Much? 

Natural Anti-diabetes effects of plants

How much would you like to have your wish granted today: treat diabetes symptoms without the horrible side effects causing early death to millions of diabetic patients around the globe?  Liver damage, cancer, amputations, weight gain, heart attack, blindness, and more..
Maybe it is you, your Mom, Dad or other loved family member.  And you are scared, want to help and feel so helpless with passing time when all the symptoms worsen.  Have no idea how to change it.  Who to ask, your doctor just subscribes more medication to take for legs pain, relaxants for constant arms and legs tingling, tells to exercise more and eat less for weight management.  And while the symptoms worsen, depression grows.  No more space for normal living, keeping up with family activities, finally sitting home alone with no energy to do usual things.

Best 11 Herbs and Spices to:

Lower & Control Blood Sugar

Lower and keep perfect weight

Cut on bad cholesterol levels

All 11 herbs and spices in this eBook lower blood sugar levels, help to control and stabilize them with better insulin production and insulin tolerance
Replace metformin (most common pills used to lower blood sugar and improve insulin acceptance) with these natural remedies
Maintain a healthy weight with some of these herbs helping in weight management, improve metabolism, cleans of body toxin caused by air and water pollution, laxative effects
Seeds of some plants added to salads plus special tea (infusion)
herbs and spices known in Chinese medicine, Mediterranean and Eastern cooking with super benefits for human health

Surpress Your Appetite

Protect heart liver and pancreas

Improve Insuline Absorbtion

this is the main reason of getting diabetes: insulin rejection by human body, many natural plants help in insulin production and intake needed for everyday energy
Slow up an absorbtion of sugars, carbohydrates, and food to keep you filled up for longer
Protect against heart disease, heart problems caused by diabetes and bad side effects of diabetic medicine
Helps to support liver and pancreas from bad effects of diabetes

Improve & Protect Eye Sight

Stop Feet and Legs Pains

Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidants

Orange color is the main nature wonder created to protect our vision and improve eye sight
Plant these herbs and flowers in your garden for immediate effect
Special tea and essential oils to breathe  
Feet and leg pains result in lower activity and less exercising leading to growing weight, early heart problems, cut on energy and stamina, confussion, trouble sleeping, depression
Natural aid to cure joint, muscle, and even bone pain   
One of the most important function of these herbs - protect us from many illnesses and bacterial infections, anti-immflamatory for internal organs plus saving from oxidatory stress

How to Grow Own Herbs

Delicious Side Dressings can be added also to your meat and sandwiches

Buy or best grow some of your herbs which help to lower blood sugar.  Learn the secret  recipes how to prepare them, how much and best results when mixed together.
The secret comes from islanders who never even heard of anybody getting diabetes on their island.  And they are skinny, never gain weight too much.
It is because of the foods they eat.
In the meantime, learn about all great foods for a diabetic person to keep blood sugar lower.

1.  Garlic

Garlic has so many health benefits that most of you already know  it.  Still, it is also very helpful in controling weight, blood sugars, plus even to prevent cancer.
But Garlic you can buy in grocery store is often unfresh, dry, and the garlic cloves that you purchase aren’t that fresh and are mushy.
It is easy to grow your own garlic. 

Start mid-fall.
Garlic can handle a frost. They can be planted in the spring, but it’s best to start in the fall and winter, so by the time spring rolls around, the leaves will have bloomed.
A good time to plant garlic is about four to six weeks before the first frost. You want to plant them before the ground freezes. They are easy to grow.

The good thing about planting garlic is that since has a bad odor, you won’t have to worry about too many rodents taking out the bulbs.

Rosemaryn & Sage

They both grow in pots so anybody can start them from seeds.  
Evergreen rosemary is an attractive evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and brilliant blue flowers. The flowers of evergreen rosemary persist through spring and summer, filling the air with a nice piney fragrance. This beautiful herb, mostly used for seasoning dishes, is also commonly used as ornamental plantings in the landscape.

Sage is a shrubby sprawling gray-green perennial herb.  When growing sage in your herb garden, plant it near the back or as a border, as it can grow up to approximately 2 feet tall. Sage leaves are used as an herb for it’s culinary flavoring, aromatic scent, and health-giving properties.  Growing sage will provide not only a pretty plant that lends color and texture to your herb garden, but that is also useful in attracting important pollinators (primarily bees) to your garden.  (Honey from sage flowers is a wonderful treat!)  In the kitchen, the sage herb is used primarily to enhance the flavor of meats and cheeses.  It has a very strong flavor that can be overpowering, if used in excess. 
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